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a peace together, a piece apart [entries|friends|calendar]

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[20 Jun 2004|12:06am]
[ mood | tired as fuck ]

me and milf are going to the saturday market tomorrow! its gonna be rad super rad.. im so excited for july to come.. comeback kid,warped tour,tsunami bomb,aquabats, fuck ya bitches, i get to take care of my grandmas kitty and its the cutiest thing in the fucking world.. i love kitties!!!!
so yeah thats it, toxic and defiance was great both did extremely good

3 more days of school'
<3<3<3 kate o

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you better check yourselfff... FOR YOU WRECK YOURSELF [16 Jun 2004|10:23pm]
[ mood | bored as fuck ]

hmm so today was pointless as fuck.. i still go to school though.. fuck it) yeah so this whole day ive been in a pissy mood sorry for those of you who got the wrath of kateland.. perry left today for the WHOLE summer that makes me sad,, oh well.. on a sadder note no news from asio well i know a little bit more now.. but yeah nothing much.. i miss that kid. well toxic narcotic and defiance on friday i think me and erica are just gonna spend the night at maxs. well i will, yeah i dunno.. i think that im gonna take a break from shit.. lol it doesnt help me.. id rather see with sober eyes.. i think im just bored.. i know this summer will be fucking fun though,, 7 more days until schools out fuck ya

c tang dynasty star trek motha fuckas

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foad this bullshit [14 Jun 2004|06:53pm]
[ mood | bored ]

k so yeah DSA was fucking amazing!!!!!! fuck that was definately one of their best shows.. they were amazing. Then my brother from filthy lads did really fucking good. i was hella surprised. no offense john but yeah jared definately sounds a lil better on the mic. so yeah saturday was awesome. and sunday, well i cant remember sunday at all.. i think i might have went to Maxs but that might have been
anyways today sucked, yeah toxic narcotic this friday i think im gonna go.. haha i dunno. money money money. well i think im gonna go hang with one of my bros


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DSA TOMORROW!!!! EVERYONE GO!!!!!!!! [11 Jun 2004|09:09pm]
[ mood | a sublime happiness ]

well nothing happened today, i went and hung out with sean after school, haha me and sean have been getting along really good! i love my bro!! so after awhile i went home and he went down to epic to by a skatboard and thats where we parted ways, after that i went and put up about 50 more dsa fliers.. so their all over st johns and 4th plain so hopefully more ppl will come and support some local ska.. im really excited for this show, i know its gonna be rad as fuck. im glad that ryan found himself a dependable drummer aka jason. yeah i might be a tad bit late to the show, like about an 1hr and half but as long as im their for dsa!!! well actually fuck i dont wanna miss anyone play.. fuck! well caseys half bday.. sorry i missed it, then after the show tomrow me and 2 of my bros, cause sean and rick are fighting so i wont be with all the bros.. sucks.. are gonna juat hang out and finally cross that bridge.. ya so thats it. see you at dsa!

sean call me tomorrow! cell)

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you never really know [07 Jun 2004|08:54pm]
[ mood | annoyed and happy ]

yep so you never really know who your friends are, who talkes behind your back, who talkes the most shit. i mean we all know that people do that. but its sorta surprising when it happens to you. i know a lot of you know what im talking about when i say you never really know who your friends are. so from now on im just gonna take everything that comes to me.. whats the point of fighting something you cant control or even see coming? yeah i knocked or a tombstone i guess i have tons of bad karma. sweet lol.. i wish this week was over and it was saturday im so excited for DSA HOPEFULLY this will go through.. everyone should go! seriously its gonna be fucking great! ive made a decision im gonna play bass for evans(gustalf)s band. so ya im gonna be playing some b to ass on saturday. but seriously people come and support some vnc punk/ska. fucking rad! yeah haha perfect example of how i feel.. minor threat i dont wanna hear it

I don't want to hear it
All you do is talk about you
I don't want to hear it
'Cause I know that none of it's true
I don't want to hear it
Sick and tired of all your lies
I don't want to hear it
When are you gonna realize...


Shut your fucking mouth
I don't care what you say
You keep talking
Talking everyday
First you're telling stories
Then you're telling lies
When the fuck
Are you gonna realize


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RIGHT!!! [06 Jun 2004|01:20pm]
[ mood | disapponited/yet still content ]

show last night, miltys last show. i thought it was pretty good. i thought that they guys did great. ohh!!!! wreck this was fucking great. after these concrete scars came with or without you and they were really good.. milty missed them he was hella pissed. i would be too, they played a short set but it was a fun set. then the warriors came up and i really liked them. then it was physical challenge and they did really good too. on friday i had a lot of fun. me and milfy stopped a train with a rope hahaha were rad! train hopped usual i dunno, tonight is nekromantix, i fucking wanna go so bad, no money though i fucking suck. uhhh it would be hella fucking fun too. so yep thats all that went on.. honestly though i dont give a damn if im bitching im still a little upset about the ska show. yeah, fuck! that would have been fun skanking to the ska, yep. okay well im gonna get out of this stupid gloom shit im in right now, YES IM HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO
i think theres a nice cold drink upstairs for me.. you know what i mean! someones developing a problem =)

kate o

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[05 Jun 2004|03:22pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]


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MAKING CUPCAKES IS THE SHIT!!!!!!! [02 Jun 2004|10:00pm]
[ mood | more like a faggot ]

so today was fun enough half day equals great!yep hung out with seanifer and blackniggakris and jack kirk and my friend emilys.. then we went to jacks and RICK WAS THERE YAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! so that was cool, i made some fucking cupcakes! yum!
then what else ohh talked to chris's dad. hes okay thats the important thing! and yea MILTYS RUNNING FROM THE COPS!!!! grrr sometimes hes such and IDIOT.. oh well.. man i think im making a new bestfriend.. one of andrews friends but damn he hella bomb, fuck seans suspended tomorrow.. fuck schools gonna be boring lame.. haha okay thats it..

saturday-ska show/warriors(with or with out you)
sunday-nekromantix <<<<<<<<<<<-------------- really wanna fucking go! andrew and his friend are gonna be there!

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mmkay bitches [01 Jun 2004|08:17pm]
[ mood | ya im po'ed ]

alright,, today was GREAT.. i did absolutely nothing except kill birds. and hang out with my cousin.. and stare at a computer screen for 5 hrs,, im a fucking loser.. so friday party/chillin at fatty marks THEN SATURDAY IS THE SKA SHOW!! hahaa im stoked its gonna be hella gnar, so yeah thats about it, tomorrow i get out of school early yes!! then im gona go umm yeah something cool DASHBOARD IS TOMORROW IM SO EXCITED!! haha okay im sorry didnt mean to make fun of you dashboard kids.

adios asholes

im gonna go work out aka pretend like im doing shit to look cool

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rockin the 40 oz [31 May 2004|08:05pm]
[ mood | tired and sober =( ]

haha so sunday and monday were complete blasts.. i had more fun on sunday by far tho.. sunday i hung out with ryan and basil(john)and chad.. we went downtown and found misfit and jason and chilled with them.. went back to ryans and ryan chad and john jammed for awhile... sounding perty good motha fuckas.. then we went and stole stuff.. haha fucking squirel.. then went to maxs house with erica and spent the night there.. then the next me and rick and max went to the peanut gaps and me and rick had fun i felt like a jackass tho.. rockin the 40 =) which reminds me.. jason ill need to offer you something tomorrow.. ohh wow im so tired.. i think im gonna go pass. out.. so tired.. fuck.. grrr. night motha fuckas

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yep [29 May 2004|05:42pm]
so inked in blood is tonight doubtful if ill go.. i gotta call erica.. hmm yep me and bruce decided to walk to the library.. but i think its almost time for it to close.. im gonna go home make some cookies and watch a movie.. haha i wish i had a car, but if i had a car i bet id be a huge fatass anyways.. i hope everything went okay with my friend ryan and jared..okay then.. later
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[28 May 2004|10:54pm]
[ mood | blank ]

yep yep so everyones at zao.. or kyles. either one.. and yet i am so very happy that i am here..first of all i really dont like zao..at all.. hmm yep.. so tomorrow my plan is to go to kak jirks drop off this funny looking mouse cage then walk to the library and return the books i have had for the last 5 months.. THEN sunday.. that will be fucking grand! i really hope ryans calls.. i realized i havent hung out with my old punk(just random fucks) friends for sooo long so im really happy.. hopefully this will go through.. THEN THE ZOO!! YA!.. i really hope we dont die lol, so yep sunday =fun.. but where the hell has ASIO BEEN?? hmm i miss that asian bitch,, so thats it.. i hope everyone had fun at zao.. actually never mind i could careless

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[26 May 2004|09:34pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

well well.. today was pointless, went to detention, walked home, went to bed, talked to rick, hes sick and it makes me sad cause i really want to hang out with him.. i miss him sooo much, i think im gonna go to his house tomorrow and make him some soup. that would be fun.. so shows are coming up and i dont have any idea if im going to any of them.. i know im not going to zao cause i dont like that much so i dont know why i would go.. well i guess i could be in the scene and look cool huh huh ??? yep inked in blood sat i want to go to that but i got no money and i dont know where i would go after the show.. so comment if your gonna go to inked in blood.. ya i guess milty broke his edge that he never really had.. i could careless.. played with bruce alot.. im gonna bring bruce when i see rick tomorrow.. yep bored as fuck.. nothing has been going on.. ive been working my ass off in school.. thats always great.. im a fucking faggot.. peace it as all the cool cats say

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MY DAY [20 May 2004|09:22pm]
[ mood | yeah kinna pissed ]

*went to school it was hella gay... hmm almost as gay as....
*made jason a cake because i wrote HXC on his vest in little letters so he hated me so i decided to make him a cake to win bake our friendship
* got some sleep woke up and realized there was free ice cream at some church, called sean to tell him no anwser..
*walked to seans house not knowing if he was there, got there found sean jason chris(asio). asios dad picked us up took us to the church.
*we got icecream, and rode up and down on the elevator, the chris's dad took us to the portal
*stayed at the portal for awhile, everyone was there.. well not everyone but alot.. so i was there until about 8:30
*walked home
*got home found that someone had ATE jasons cake.. gotta really pissed, found out my stepdad ate it got more pissed..i yelled at him.. my mom yelled at me saying i couldnt go anywhere tomorrow all because someone ate jasons cake.. so no dead unknown for me.. and my mom said if i get pissed off and yell like that again i cant go to maxs saturday.. sucks bawls., looks like i have to be good.
*hmm chris was really quiet and agitated today, i hope i didnt piss him off to bad.. maybe ill make him a cake to.. hmm.. DAMMMIT i gotta go take a shower and then make a cake again.. im out like a bitch.


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yo whats up bitches [19 May 2004|06:29pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]

im chillin with the cool motha fuckas.. XseanX, XdarylferX, and no X Kris (black nigga) England shit bitch we be making pizza and shizzle fizz.. im hella bored,, i think were gonna watch donnie darko.. hmm one last thing AVENGED SEVENFOLD SUCKS ASS! i really cant express that enough i hate that band soo much.. hopefully andrew will go to the dsa show.. shit im so stoked about dsa.. totally gnar.. uhhghh im very annoyed right now.. evans being a total faggot.. fuck that bullshit.. so thats it.. hopefully ill see you all at dsa saturday!!!! oh daryl and sean sat on the same bed i think they had sex and were doing stuff even though all they did was sit on the bed but i am just like all the other faggots that have such a good life that they have to spread rumors and shit cause they dont have enough to do with there life. sweet. god sean and daryl are SUCH FAGGOTS geeze there gay as hell why would anyone even sit on a bed together thats sooooo gay. geeze guys arent susposed to be allowed to be in the same 30 foot distance without it being gay these days. god people at school are such fags. and people who you think are your friends like to go around and talk shit to their punk rock friends and spread a rumor about how shit didnt happen but they like to think it did. FUCK OFF! oh and people these days putting people down cause they are edge and shit thats just fucked. so someone tries to be anti drug and alcohal and try to make things better with their lives cause they dont want to end up like their fucked up parents so they decide not to do this but no the cool thing at bay is to make fun of these people for their beliefs even though their own beliefs are smoking and drinking and getting wasted and stupid shit that ruins their lives. once again fuck off. by the way the whole part from the saturday part and above was written by daryl with ideas by sean.

Lata bitches cate o/daryl/sean

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ahh where would i be without ska?? better you say? fuck you! [14 May 2004|10:16pm]
[ mood | only because of ska ]

i know i just updated but this i have to put in here.. so earlier today me and erin lebsack got in a huge discussion on when jesus was actually born.. im not christian what so ever, but when it comes to religion i can go on forever, haha andrew knows about this.. so she was saying that jesus was born in the year o and that he died in 37, (they say he lived 37 yrs) i automatically knew this was so wrong.. i mean no its impossible anyways so after that perry came by and tried telling me that too,, i was pissed.. so when i got home i read the bible.. ok this is what i found.. the Bible often uses a day for a year, so that fucked me up at first, so that would mean that exacly 483 years after god said to rebuild Jerusalem. jesus would begin His teaching. ok algebra time

haha i didnt do this part Counting forward 483 years from 458 B.C. gives 26 A.D. (If you do the arithmatic yourself remember you have to add one year because there is no year zero.) Now, if we count back thirty years we come to 5 B.C. (You have to add a year again because there's no year zero. It may seem strange that you have to add a year going both directions but that's the way it works.) To make sure it's correct, just subtract 30 years from 483 years to get 453 - then subtract that from 458 B.C. and you get 5 B.C.

Now that we know Jesus was born in 5 B.C.. about fucking time i knew i was right about this one. HA.. and everyone thinks A.D. stands for after death and B.C. before christ.. NO IT FUCKING DOESNT.. i also found that he wasnt really born on decemeber 25th.. so actually no one knows shit about this.. i mean fuck.. more and more evidence to me that jesus was made up.. i have no problem with ppl that believe in it. i just dont, and this is what pisses me off.. in a sense our (the worlds calendar is based on jesus birth, which i think is fucked.. well actually its not completely based on jesus.. as was primary thought.. ) i dunno.. sorry for ranting i just wanted to prove a point. i need to talk to andrew

ahh i fucking love summer so much.. all our flowers are in bloom, its warm, no more school, NO MORE SCHOOL!!!.. yah summer is gonna rock, .. S.P.A.M dont you know its my bestfriend..i feel good <<<<<<<<<<<3 cate o

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AVENGED SEVENFOLD CAN SUCK ZAKS BALLS!!!!!(sorry zak but i needed you for this one) [14 May 2004|09:32pm]
[ mood | coughing uncontrollably ]

ok ok i normally dont bitch that much.. but ok here i go
so yep me and chris as im sure ppl have already read were short 10 dollars for peaches.. so we decided to go to the nocturnal and see a band called avenge sevenfold. i'd never heard them so i was like whatever it cant be that terrible.. FUCK!!. yep so we get there and some horrible shit is being played. we leave and walk to wild oats.. and get food then come back and we see some people we know, stoners but still friends(eli,matt,fat vinny) jesse was there too.. so was one of my friends casey that goes to evergreen.. so this whole time im thinking ok im still with chris, it wont be too terrible, i mean chris can make any situation fun.. about 2 mins later chris's dad picks him up.. once again FUCK.. then this band avenged sevenfold starts playing.. i seriously thought i would kill myself.. their breakdowns were beyond terrrible.. the singer was fucking terrible and the ppl at the show.. bro moshers beyond belief, hot topic bitches, preppy fucks.. arghh.. so im just standing up there watching all this in disgust.. some guy comes up and fucking hits me as hard as possible in the stomach.. keep in mind im sick as fuck anyways.. so i obvoisly throwup.. yep.. the night would have been just incredibly terrible..except i met this really rad guy there.. haha yes im sick as fuck and look like shit but he still talks to me.. we talked for a good while but lucky him had a car and could leave.. ok ok im sorry for bitching.. i bet milfy is proud!!.. this sucks bawls

fuck off

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[12 May 2004|11:33am]
[ mood | sick ]

ok so peaches is tomorrow and basically no one is going except me and chris for sure, hopefully hopefully perry and erica, haha that'd be rad!! so i feel really sick.. i havent been on the comp for a long time, hmm ya i dont feel good. tsunami bomb is tonight.. in longview.. sweet good thing im gonna miss it.. yep yep.. still looking for a girlfriend for asio.. its really weird that chris doesnt have one.. i love chris he is super rad.. haha people are all like chris is an asshole.. i dunno hes never been a dick to me.. whateva..haha.. so thats aboot. it.. yep ok later

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just more bullshit [04 May 2004|11:19pm]

so today was fun as usual i went to school and listened to all the people bitch and complain.. im glad everyone had fun at atreyu last night.. sounded fun.. so yep i came home dyed my hair.. then went to my bros house because i love that kid.. we chilled then went back to my house got donnie darko came back then watched some of that movie.. bullshited back and forth.. and then i got yelled at cause i ate some of his cheerios w/o milk. yep i actually was pretty sad that he was so mad at me.. hmm.. then erin and jack kirk came over.. yep.. i guess because my bro was being a "smartass" towards my step dad hes not alowed over at my house. i said that that was fucking bullshit and im gonna be over at his house 24/7 i was pissed.. hmm yep. read asios lj bio.. hahah i fucking love that kid, i talked to and emo kid today.. hmm guess what his name is..haha sara made me realize something.. im so stuck with living each day by day that i dont even think at all about my future.. yep erica and milfy might come over tomorrow YEAH!!. thats it hahhahah BATES.. I BET HIS FIRST NAME IS MASTER!!!!!!!!!!.. HAHAHA OMG I LOVE YOU BRO.. SOLID

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a peace together a piece apart a piece of wisdom from our hearts [02 May 2004|10:30pm]

i got to hang out with my bro and sam and ERIqwa today.. lol it was tons of fun.. erica we definately have to hang out more.. lol you looked so funny in that witch costume.. BADASS.. and sean liked out cake i was so happy!.. i LOVE our bro!!.. so that was all i did today.. make a cake with erica and hang out with my bro and sam.. ohh i also broke my camera.. i didnt cry like another little(hahah little) emo kid i know.. haha fun fun.. i love you guys!!

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