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i hear you chant "everythings is alright,its gonna be alright"

well i think this will be the last time i write in livejournal, i need to ask chelsealand how to delete it cause i dont know how lol... well lets see last night was the show at the grandbasement.. i dunno i was sooooo happy last night it was the first time ive been truley happy for awhile, i needed that so bad, just being there, being around good people around people who cared and around the music i love, it just made me realise why i love it so damn much, so ya i had a blast last night!!! 6bullets played(bobbys last show, hes moving to kentucky to go to school) tcs played... man they are so crazy and tuff now i hope they play more shows!! inked in blood played amazing.. they have a new drummer so they couldnt play some of their old shit, but they played great and brutal fight was hella good!! i was really glad they went back and played one of their older songs though.. last night there were some rough spots.. but nothing im not use too... haha ahh familiar disappointment, but its all good i just need to learn to accept change no matter how much i hate the change i just have to embrace it.. ohh well yep that about it.. oh i love sean so much.. i realized that no matter what me and sean cant stay mad at each other..weel for very long... atleast i cant stay mad at him.. hes one of my bestest brothers in the world... i love that kid!!! so yep later livejournal you can hella suck it... hahah too much drama and bullshit for me!!

OH YEAH MOTHA FUCKING BAAAAAAAAAAANEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE aka BANE AND COMEBACK KID AND WITH HONOR HERE ON APRIL 2 AT THE MEOW MEOW.. BANE!!!! i honestly cant wait.. and fuck all you assholes who have "already seen them" so your too cool to not fucking care that their coming here!!! whatever im stoked as fuck!! MY FAVORITE BAND IS COMING TO THE PORTLAND WOWOOWOWOWOWOPOPWOPOEWPWOPWOPOWP!!!!
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