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if little kids could change the world just think what we could do !!!

Date: Dec 10, 2004 11:53 PM

so im guessing you guys arent coming to davey jones locker december 16th? in portland oregon,?? (i honestly hope so but if not youll comeback someday) you guys have been amazing everytime ive seen you, and i hope you come back soon!!!

hey! no we had to cancel...we are all bummed but we will be back up there in jan probably...once i get the dates for that i will let you know! thanks for all the support...hope to see you soon!

-the war

damn so i guess the warriors wont becoming this thursday but hopefully they'll be back in january, that would be a nice b day present, okay well i just wanted to say to andrew and davie, im so sorry i couldnt come watch you play, honestly i am, sorry guys. well i guess im pretty sick, i have a high tempeture(sp) i dunno i feel like shit but thats okay, ill get better sometime, i dunno if im going to dsa if i dont i hope they have an amazing set which im sure they will.. allright im off
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